well, the weekend came and went without any real big news. i got over the temptation of shaving my body, and i cut back on bananas. it was a quite, and uneventful weekend - the kind i find BORING - i need "out-time" - a time to get out and meet people, or other primates - a time to connect with those who are hurting, those confused by life - as much as i can be at times. yes, i need "out-time."

i think too many christians live in the "in-times" - they fear connecting with others - they are unwilling to get connected. for some reason they have been sold this bill of goods that says, "if you get to friendly with non-christians they will cause you to fall." - not realizing that we MUST make honest friendships with those outside the church. they have been told by their pastors that too much exposure to "sin" will cause them to loss what they can not loss - salvation. for many pastors, it's a control factor - they need to feel "they" have all the answers. when pastors tell us we "must not fellowship with non-believers" they lie - flat out and bold face - they are misleading us into not sharing our faith with others - because we can not get to know people.

today, people will accept community before they accept christ - and pastors who are telling you not to "build community" are not sharing a God realized message - they are filling you with "non-christian" teachings. i remember when i because a punk monkey, i went to the jungle to "get connected" to my roots. i soon found myself with a group of primates who truly cared for one another. one day, a strange punk monkey fell into the river and was about to become lunch. one of the members of my new family jumped in the water and saved the stranger. the stranger thanked him and went on his way. i looked at the punk monkey and asked why he risked his life to save another. he said, "my life is safe, and we must risk all we have to help others find safety." after all, how can you rescue a person from drowning if you don't jump in the water? – pm

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