it's been a while between posts, and i am sorry - but punk monkey is not feeling very punk this week. the punkster is missing a friend, someone he had given a great amount of emotion to in the past, and he is gone - and it hurts. punk monkey has a daughter, and she broke-up with a long time boyfriend this week end - and i feel as if i lost a son. to experience this brake-up has been hard, but in the long run it is the right thing - or so i keep telling myself. i am sorry if this seems to "personal" for some - but hey, this is my blog and i'll cry if i want to - i will miss him, but i know they will not be friends after this weekend.

i have never been through a divorce. if it is anything like this - anything, then i know the pain - it hurts, and i did not think it would until today. i wake-uop and realize that the world is a little different, a little empty, a little more confusing - but then i remeber that i have a daughter, and the break-up is the best thing that could have happened - or so i keep telling myself. - pm

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