Ok, here is the deal. I love the idea Spencer, Jordon and Charlie have with getting together as communities and learning from each other. I bought into it “hook, line and sinker;” and, as of this writing over 800 people are connected – listing over 240 cities – that is cool, I love it. Spencer has already had a meeting in his community, and the photos are on line – excellent – I am excited about the possibilities. But here’s my problem (some how you knew I was going to say that) – if this is so important to us a s postmodern/emerging people and we all claim that community (tribe) is a valuable part of out DNA and joining groups like Indie Allie is vital to the conversation – why is there no way to contact people?

Many people join, post a cute and catchy name, but leave no way of contacting them. How can we have community without contact? I am in the process of moving to the Sacramento area (Folsom) and I am excited about the possibilities – yet, as I look over the small group of 6 people, I see that there is no way to contact anyone of them; no link, no email – nothing. How can we build community we are not connected?

Over the past I have not been able to “visit” many of the postmodern/emerging events (unless I am speaking and they help pick-up the tab J). But I have been the biggest support of all events that happen – if I get an email asking for free ad space on ginkworld.net for a pomo/emerg event, I give it – every time, with out exception. I have tried to find out all I can about what happened at different events – and I am so connected it can drive a man crazy. but I think connection is important to building community – so, if your not connected, get there J

Well, if you have an idea – let me know.


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