ok, i'm ready. i'm packed, stoked and ready to roll - i will be leaving las vegas ( maybe i'll write a movie with that title) on thursday morning and heading to the "sac" area - this should be exciting. as i get ready to start a new position as "pastor of student ministries" at harbor community church in folsom i and very excited - and let me share with you why:

first, i feel God is leading me to the area. it's a great place and i feel "good" in the city - very connected and very comfy. second, the people are great - no, i mean these people are wonderful - loving, kind, open, willing - very cool people - all of them. glen and pamela are great people (lead pastor and his wife) and eveny member of the leadership team. i spent a long weekend at a great little "b&b" in georgetown with all of them, and i loved every minute. third, the op for ministry in the area is killer - very little going one except a few "youth groups" that gather. the area is wide open. and lastly, the lady of my dreams :D - life is good, and God is wonderful :)

well, i will go and be off line for a short while - but i will blog as i can - and i can do that all the time from any computer - i love tech. i will be posting as time allows -


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