ok, now i am mad! at least as mad as a punk monkey can be over how stupid and greedy humans can be. i have come to the conclusion that baseball, major and minor (minor only because they are actually owned by the greedy major leauge teams), is no longer on my dance card. i, from this day on, refuse to buy anthing to do with pro-ball; i refuse to watch the games, follow the players, or anything else that will cause me to give any money to any owner or player of any team - it's a bummer, because i loved baseball. it took time for me to get over the last strike, but i did - but this time, i will not. even though the "strike" is not on - the fact that they called a strike for 08.30.02 is enough for me to say - enough is enough, greed is wrong and both sides have shown their greed -

my God people, it's a stupid game. grown men hitting a ball, and running sfter each other playing tag - it's a game! but like anything involving human greed, it has become business (sounds like the church) and i am tired of all the garbage. as for me and my dollar, we will be spending weekends at the park watching the local kids get up a spot game and play the GAME for the love of the GAME, and not because they dream of being fat, greedy, drug taking baseball players - imho

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