there is was, sitting in the back yard, minding my own business (taping the activities of the people that live next door - a hang-on from my days as a us senator) when out of the blue i noticed a strange design in the grass on the side lawn - could it be? i wondered, then took it upon myself to examine this "strange happening." the design was simple, a single circle. the grass was bent over, and lighter in color then all the other grass in the area. for over an hour, i looked and examine the area - i clipped sample for study and took photos. as a punk monkey, my ability to move about town is limited (health codes) .

as i was on my belly, trying to determine the exact angle of the bend, i started to get memory flash backs to the night before - and i felt that answers would soon be coming. then, as if i was hit on the head with a small snow-blower, is all came back to me. that spot, that very spot, it the place where i kept my garbage can for the past two months. oh, well - maybe next time.

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