i was watching connie chung, on cnn, the other day. she had dr. panos zanos, phd. on her show. the good doctor is planning to clone a human, all for his pride - when asked by the reporter doing the back story about possible risks facing the birth, side effects and birth defects, (the reporter asked, "what about the risks? birth defects, early death, and so much more?") the doctor replied, "there are always risks involved in new things, and i am willing to take those risks; i am willing to face the risks and face the future." well isn't that special, given the fact that the good doctor faces no risks at all - the child faces them all. what does it matter to the good doctor if the child is born with major problems, or even dies at birth, it will have no effect on the doctor's life. the doctor faces no risks at all. that to me seems to be the biggest problem with science and "good" doctors. the face no risk, all the risk is on the part of those they play games with.

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