ok. i have tried to say clear of this whole clergy and child sex thing, but i just can't any more. when the pope refuses to meet with victims, and the bishops back step on their "stance" and the church calls those who leave, or refuse to give money. "sinners." this is all just too stupid for me and my mind - all right, i may be thinking simplistic; i might just be too dumb to get the bigger picture, but come on man, get a grip. adult males sexually abused children - children - not "short adults" - children. grown men, sick grown men, evil sick grown men took little boys and had sex with them - that is sick and twisted. grown men stood naked before naked little boys (and girls) and had sex with them. i know this is not my normal kind of listing - but my God people - we have to speak-up and stop this from happening.

this may sound harsh, but i do not care how many "nice and kind" preists and clergy are out there - that's an old switch game the church likes to play - let's not talk about the "bad" ones, because it could harm the "good" ones - well, if they are so darn good why are they not screaming at the top og their lungs to the world and saying "get these sick creeps." as for this clergy, i am ssaying right here and right now - if you you have sex with a child, boy or girl, count your days - because you just put a mill-stone around your neck.

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