ok, here's the deal. this is all new to me, and i am working without opposable thumbs. so, given my limited ability to spell, my small brain size, fleas, diapers, and hair - this stuff can get hard. but i will committe to posting at least once every other day - and maybe as many times as three times a day - it's hard to tell. i got to thinking the other day - yes, this is off task, but if you truly desire to know inside my mind, you will need to remember that i have a hard time staying on task - excpet when it deals with grooming and fruit. there's just something about grooming fruit that makes my little little monkey heart pound - oh, yea - let me get back to what i was saying before i so rudly stopped myself - i got to thinking the other day. why, and i know there is an answer, why......i lost my train of thought. maybe i will get it back later - i'll try again soon. PM

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