ok - if you are looking for a great op in the pomo/emerg world and are looking for a great place to lear and grow - may i suggest "solition" on septemeber 4-6 in ventura ca - should be a ton of fun - i am going to try my hardest to be ther for it all - besides the op to grow i can spend time with people i have come to know, love and respect - john and stacy, jared and dan kimball (author of "emerging church" - a must read for all thse wondering about the pomo/emerging church mind - and he is the lead pastor at "vintage faith"). if you want to know more - head over to ginkworld.net and hit the link at the bottom of the page -

if i am there i will post the fact that i will be here - if not, i will post that too - it all depeneds on how the interviews are going - who knows, i just might be working in the area - very cool :-) .

besides, i just might be heading to terre haute to pick up mia (the women i will marry) and the kids - now,m that would be very cool :-)


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