hey all - i am out and about this weekend interviewing up north in sacremento - and i will fill you in on the details over time. i need prayer in this - my life is being blessed by God in many ways and i need prayer. i met a wonderful women who i care for deeply, this opportunity is coming my way - and others also - and i am feeling that God is moving in my life. i need prayer:

pray that this new relationship is of God, by God and through God - she is a wonderful christian women with four great kids - and i believe God is moving in our lives - we both believe He is moving in our lives.

pray that the church God desires me to serve show itself to me. while i know i have certian areas of the country where i want to go - pray that the area i do go is the area where God wants to use me. pray that God open the doors for me, so i can walk in where He wants me to be.


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