a paycheck away

ever hear the news and they talk about millions of americans living one paycheck way from the streets? and you hear the stories you think - no way - impossible - could never happen in america. well, let me assure you of this - the stories are true and it can happen in america. how do i know? because i live one pay check from the streets.

it took every dime i had to help plant a church that is not going to move past where it is (bank accounts are at zero dollars). i lived on savings for three years, praying that God would bless the ministry - but the blessing never came - while the reasons for this are many i think the main reason is me and my lack of hearing God speak - i wanted to do it my way and have learned a very valuable lesson - God is in control and do His bidding. yet, between student loans, bills from the past, and just living - there is nothing let but month at the end of a check - if for any reason i lose my position sub-teaching, i am on the streets - hard fact - hard truth - but very real and very awakening.

so, why am i posting this stuff? for a few reasons - but one of the most important is this - that when you read of a person who is a pay check away from the streets you will know it's truth and you will do what you can to help - get involved in the lives of others - work at the shelters and get connected - and don't look down on the person because you think you are better. another reacon? well, i believe if you are truly going to be "inside the mind of punk monkey" that you be given a inside view - even the ugly stuff.

but the main reason i write this is for prayer - massive prayers. pray that God be involved in all this and that He lift me up. i have been interviewing - like crazy - so pray that a ministry position opens and God leads me to it. pray for that God open the door to my financial problems and that He bless what I have to make it through. keep me and mine in your prayers as we deal with this situtition - we know that God is in control, and we know that God is the lead.


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