conformed or transformed?

i was talking with a pastor the other day who was complianing about the postmodern/emerging church. his complant was that the pomo/emerg church was simply a church that confomed to the culture, while the modern church seeks to "transform" the cutlure. i, in my kind and easy spirit, disagreed with him.

the modern church sees itself as not being effected by the culture, but the reality is it "is the culture." a great deal of the messages in the church center on being a "good american" instead of a good follower of Christ. the modern church is a image of the american system - we elect elders, we have a "democratic" system of government - we think, being a good Christian means being a good american - never questioning the government. but scripture call us to be transformed - not to be american but to be followers of Christ. the modern church has conformed, the problem is is that it did so 50 years ago, and the world is changing around them - and they just can't get a grip on the transforming part -


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