have you ever noticed that the process of life is somewhat limiting? i mean, your driving down the road of life and as you hit the gas, the clown on front of you slams on the brake - what gives? how do you handle that? should you shout, honk your horn, flip them off, ignore it all? i mean, what are you to do? not think of this -

your heading down your theological path of life - you hit your gas, and the clown in front of you hit's their brake - what do you do? some would say, "slow down as not to hit the poor guy" - but is that being honest to the speed God wants you to travel? others would say, "go around them" - but what if there is no room? still others might say, "smack into his back end, that might cause him to speed back up" - or it might cause him to spin-out and cause a pile-up.

for me, there have been times in my life where i have done all of the above - and sometimes it has failed - but i guess the best thing to do is just keep your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and watch for any on coming traffic - and pray your insurance is up to date :)


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