a new record, and other things:

first, the record - today i received over 1100 pieces of junk mail, and it covered all areas of live - from the ever popular, "how to make your 'member' grow to less needed "how to make women fall in love with you." all in all i guess it was the "normal" quality - home loans, credit cards, cheep porn, expensive porn and even a few of my personal favs - the ones that use your name and make it look like they are responding to you - you know the old "re: about what you offered" - i guess they must think i don't remember what i write - well, sometimes it just goes to show that those who market are just outside the loop of reality :)

the other thing:
i will be posting weekly now - because i have done something very creative - i tied this blog in with ginkworld.net - i know, no big deal everyone is doing it - but hey, i have never been one to follow the crowd that quickly - heck, i am just now thinking about getting a members only jacket - i'm still not sure on the "jordash" jeans - i don't have such a cute butt - heck, my girl friend tells me i have a "little white boy butt" - it is a shame :)