still, the passion?

the funny thing about all this "hoop-la" (one of my mom's favorite words) about mel's movie "the passion of the christ" - is that while many evangelicals and fundamentalists are debating the movie it is playing, and people are going to see it in droves. let me share with you just some thoughts off the top of my shiny-shaved head :)

postmodern/emerging people are visual - "don't tell me directions, give me a map" - if we "see" it we get it - that is why we show video, power point and other visual media in our churches - it works, we connect, we get it -
postmodern/emerging people are skeptical - "we don't believe everything we see" - while we get visual media we are not driven by it. we were raised on tv, we get advertising, we know the value of art in life and the projection of art on the screen - we are not looking for perfection in film, we are looking for an expression of faith

postmodern/emerging people are connected - "we gather for coffee to talk about what we see" - we hang-out with each other and we go to the movies together. we discuss, debate, argue and even argue with vigor :) then when it is over we drink coffee, or beer, and talk about the new xbox release of halo and why it's taking so darn long :)

postmodern/emerging people are not concerned with "exacts" - "nothing is perfect" - we are not seeking "evidence that demands a verdict." we are not looking for you to follow the letter of the book - no movie maker has ever followed the book, andy book, 100% - it can't - it's impossible - and let's be honest - if you followed the scripture word for word, and added no "extra" stuff - no artistic value - the story would be "bibicaly correct" but very boring -

if you do not like it - cool
if you won't see it - cool
if you think it's wrong - cool

remember, it is attracting people in droves, and all you need do is be ready to speak to people who have seen it and have questions - and to be honest, if you have not seen it (for what ever reason) and a postmodern/emerging person asks for your views - no matter what you say (short of, "i have no view because i did not see it), holds no value because you did not see it, so you could not know what it's about - even if you think that you can get information from second hand accounts - for us, you are not being transparent, open and honest - if you have not seen it, please make no calls on it - because you are not making a call on what you saw, but on what others told you to think, and that's not cool.