what's your message?

i was driving down the road the other day heading to the mall when i was given the shock of my life; i was cut off by a person in a "pt cruiser." given the fact that i drive "the dweeb mobile" (a caravan) the idea that a pt cruiser could pass me is not big deal. the shock came because she was creaming down the road talking on her cell phone and she had no care for me at all; or no care for anyone for that matter. then i noticed her license plate frame "jesus loves you." she also had "wwjd" stickers and a "fish eating darwin" silver plastic thingy and hanging from here mirror was a large cross. i thought, wow - there's a message.
when i arrived at the mall, i started to pull into a parking lot when a group of people pushed past, cutting me off they pulled into the parking space i was heading for - and they were pointing and laughing because they got the spot. on the back window of the car were two stickers, you know the ones - they look like the guy "pissing" on the ford sign, but he's kneeling at the cross. they had one of the guy and another of the girl, and a small black sticker in the middle that says, "jesus saves." i though, wow - there's a message.
i just drove up the lane to the far end of the lot and found a spot to parked. locked up the van and started to head to the mall. as i was walking a guy came speeding up behind me, beeping his horn and shouting, "get out of the way you stupid mother @#$%&^. you need to get your &&#$#* stupid @#$ out of the street - what are you some kind of ^$*##@**&& retarded #$&$##@?" as he drove past, flipping me off, i notices his bumper sticker - "Be a Promise Keeper" and "Real Men Pray." i though, wow - there's a message.
as i started to shop, i asked a clerk if she could help me find this one item i was looking for - it's hard to locate those "left handed, right angled, two pronged back and butt scratchier" - as i asked the clerk where they kept those little beauties, she seemed to be angry that i disrupted her day. it seems it is not a wise thing to ask a clerk a question while they are stocking items. she looked at me and said, "what the hell, can't you see i am busy?" just then i noticed her pin, a small cross with a words "jesus is the reason." i thought, wow - there's a message.
as i stood in line to checkout with my handy-dandy "left handed, right angled, two pronged back and butt scratchier" (on sale, i might add) people all around me seemed so bummed, depressed and just in bad moods. this little girl was standing in front of me. she looked like the standard poor little girl, ripped dress, torn shoes, messy hair and a dirt face. she was the "stereotype of all poor little girls." as she got to the counter she put up a cheap bottle of perfume; the kind no one really buys. as she did the lady behind the counter asked her if she was buying this for her mother. the little girl smiled and replied, "oh no miss. my mommy died when i was born. i am buying this for my grandma it's her birthday, we live with her and grandpa." i smiled and thought how cute it was. the lady packed up the purchase, the little girl smiled and thanked her so sweetly for her time and willingness to help, then walked away smiling.

as i was checking out, i watched her as she moved to the door and noticed that a very elderly couple, well into their 70's, started to walk out the door with five other children in tow - dirty, torn, ripped and messy - but five of the best behaved children i had ever noticed. they walked out holding hands and smiling. as i walked out of the store i watched as all the children helped the elderly man assist the elderly women into the passenger seet of a beat-up old pick-up truck. the elderly women seemed to be in great pain as she pulled herself into the truck, but never once did she snapped at anyone, or say anything mean spirited. as she was strapped in, the elderly man kissed her and placed the littlest on on her lap. she gave that little child a huge hug, while the little one fell deep into her loving arms. the rest, helped each other into the back of the truck and they all drove off. as they did, i noticed they had a bumper sticker that said, "jesus loves us." i thought, wow - this is the message.

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Anonymous said...

I used to have a fish on my Jeep. I couldn't decide which way it was supposed to face, right or left (each seemed indicative), but I did choose left. The problem was that 405 traffic in LA doesn't lend itself to a credible witness. If one drove like a Christian was "supposed" to, one would never merge, would they? The final problem I had had to do with the salvation of my car. To my knowledge, my car never gave its heart to Jesus. The fish went. Pax Back