starbucks, true corporate greed

i am so tired of starbucks telling me how good of a company it is - because it's words do not match its actions. it keeps claiming how it is dedicated to fair trade coffee, yet to find anything on their site concerning fair trade, one has to do a search and then only one page pops up. when asked, starbucks emailed me how they felt that fair trade was important enough that it offers "fair trade" coffees once a month as its "coffee of the day." when i mentioned that in all the starbucks i have ever been in, fair trade has never been seen as the "coffee of the day" i kept getting the corporate line - but again, actions do not equal words. besides, there are so many other companies for a better cup of coffee:

peet's coffee and tea - is killer coffee and they have a great heart for people.

for a company that made over 5 billion dollars (net) to give only $100,000 to help those in southeast asia is disgusting - but they added, "In addition, Company Will Enhance Contribution by Donating $2 From Sales of Select Southeast Asian Whole Bean Coffees During January." this makes me sick - giving $2 for each pound of "select" coffee sold is not "giving" - it is a marketing ploy to sell product and veily hidden coupon for corporate greed. as both fox and cnn said, this is not giving it's a sales tool to increase sales and profits on the backs of those in pain. come on starbucks - step up to the plate and give to help, without basing it on "if you buy, then we will give more."

according to it's own corporate reports, starbucks makes thousands time more in southeast asia then it is giving in aid - other companies that are making as much, and less, (net) then starbucks are giving in ways that are blowing starbucks out the door - one company is giving $35 million - and wow, starbucks is giving $100,000 - which is less then it's corporate executives make in a month; or less the .01% of the bonus given to it's top executives last year.

companies that are putting starbucks to shame:
Pfizer Inc: $10 million in cash, $25 million in drugs
Coca-Cola: $10 million in cash
Exxon Mobil: $5 million in cash
Citigroup: $3 million in cash
The Gates Foundation: $3 million in cash
Merck & Co: $3 million in cash
Johnson and Johnson: $2 million in cash
Abbott Laboratories: $2 million in cash
Bristol-Myers Squibb: $1 million in cash, $4 million in drugs
Nike Inc: $1 million in cash
American Express: $1 million in cash
General Electric Co: $1 million in cash
First Data Corp: $1 million in cash
peet's - they are giving up to $25,000 and they are tons smaller then starbucks

notice that none of them are requiring people to "buy" anything - they are giving from an open heart and a true need - not based on company sales of "select" items.

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Anonymous said...

i have to agree that the starbucks campaign is a shame and a disgrace. on another note, SOME people in hollywood are putting their money in as well, and without being asked. kudo's to them. the GE contribution is now at least $2million cash with another $10million or so in power generation, water purification and other products and services.

there is plenty of greed out there, corporate and individual. it would be nice to see this corporate list of contributors increase dramatically. eventhough the US dollar isn't worth as much as it used to be on the global market, it still goes a long way in some of the impoverished countries that suffered such a horrific disaster.