what are we not doing?

while i think this is a personal rambling, and even a personal kick in the ass it seems to me that, with the exception of a few, we have not done much in the emerging church to truly take a deep look into the theology of the evangelcial church - many simply take it, accept it and pass it on to others without thinking. sure, we can point to ideas on what i think is "the safe stuff" - you know, the definations of hell, or how we can look grace and forgiveness - what i am talking about is deep, real and solid look into the core of the evangelcial church - and if in so doing we come up with the same stuff, cool - and if not, cool -

i think we need to look into such things as:

what is salvation?
are there requirements of salvation?
the humanity of christ.
the divinity of christ.

i am not talking about just "thinking" that we need to get into it - and truly go to the root of it all. i have heard some speak of change, while many simply desire to dance around the issues - i am not suggesting we deconstruct for the sake of deconstruction, but i am suggesting we take a long and honest look at what we are saying and back it with more then words.

if your interested in rolling the ball with me, let me know and i would be happy to see what we can do


John said...

i am very interested and see this a something that has been ignored by the emerging church, ecclesiology is the hot topic, how long can we talk about how we do church and do nothing about anything else. i would like to see a serious discussion about praxis set against other aspects of theological concerns, we live in an age that needs to see something or they wont hear our words about who/what/how God is.

lucas said...

hey john,

i think what you're saying is very important. we need to look at the history of the formation of our udnerstanding of the nature of Christ and salvation. there are things we need to throw out because the church accepted it for the wrong reasons. this is a big and difficult task.

i struggle between doing this kind of good work and making sure that good ministry continues while we do this work. it's a constant tension we need to live in.

Rick said...

been reading the new anne rice book, fiction from Jesus' point of view as the family leaves egypt after herod's death. goes right at the humanity/divinity issue.