i want to live the incarnation!

i want to live the incarnation! the more i think about this, the more i desire to live the life set before me by God. i desire to be the incarnation to others - not a bible thumping, line quoting, "holier then you" christian who thinks they have all the answers and demands everyone "tow the line" and can force feed dogma to another. i believe, living the incarnation means i have to know my limits - i have to know what i can and can not do, and i need to be ready to do what i can and not what i can not.

i can bring no one into a relationship with jesus christ; that is up to the person and the holy spirit. what i can do is extend my life to develop a relationship with the person in an honest and open way. i can be open and honest and seek to reach out past my life and into their life, no matter the condition of their life. i can not convince them who christ is, but i can model who christ is and if they see that and desire to know fine. but if they never come to know who christ is, they will still be my friend and i will love them and care for them as i can.

i can not make others get closer to God; they need to have a heart that desires to be closer to God. the idea that "we" bring people closer to God is not real, "we" can not do that, they must desire to get closer. what i can do is show my heart for God, and even live my heart for God and pray they see it and desire to have the same. as they see me move and live a life that is closer to God, they may desire to get closer. i "example" the walk, and seek a closer walk.

i can not make people worship; they need to have a desire to approach God in a meanigfull and life giving way. people need to desire to worship God, i can not make people worship. what i can do is worship God and let them see me in worship. if, as a follower, i am not interested in worship others will see that and model that. i must be willing to raise my hands, open my heart and be on my knees before God. i can be an example of what it means to worship God and know that the desire comes from God, and not from others.

as the incarnation deepens in my heart and life; i desire to be more then who i am and more then what anyone thinks of me. others can place limits on me because of one thing or another, but the incarnation frees me from those boxes and i become more of what God desires and less of what people desire. in reaching out past me,and into the incarnation of my soul i seek to walk, speak, live, breath, touch, and love in the incarnation - not in human desires.


Craig said...

I don't know if it's just my computer, but I'm using the Firefox web browser on a windows system, and your blog is not displaying right at all today. there is all kinds of text overlaping other text.

peter said...

Amen, thats powerful challenge to anyone "living their lives for Jesus" we so often get off track with 'soul saving' we forget what we have really been asked to do. Follow Jesus no matter what.