my "abc's" of the emerging/evolving:

my "abc's" of the emerging/evolving:

a is for accepting - all peoples, no matter their walk in life
b is for buoyant - where love always comes to the top
c is for collective - because we are all in this together
d is for diversity - because we are all different colors, shapes and sizes
e is for engulf - because it is always bigger then we are
f is for fluid - because things change
g is for generative - because things always move forward
h is for hearing - because it takes more then listening
i is for interpersonal - because connecting is key
j is for just - because we need to be
k is for kept - because we need to hold things close
l is for loved - because too many places never make one feel that way
m is for mutual enrichment - because it benefits us all
n is for neo-orthodox - because new is cool
o is for open - because people are welcomed when things are open
p is for play - because things should always be fun
q is for quick - because for many, slow means stop
r is for revolution - because change is needed
s is for servanthood - because no one is called to "lead"
t is for transforming - because with christ we are
u is for umbrella - because it protects us from the rain
v is for vested - because all should be
w is for wanting - because we should strive to fill
x is for xenogenesis - because sometimes it's true
y is for yielding - because in community there is give and take
z is for zealous - because we should be living our faith

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Craig said...

I have a more technical question that I've been wondering for a while. I've read about how you have a more open structure where everyone is welcome. I think it sounds great except for one thing that I wanted to know. How do you set up those kind of events to help prevent people from being victomized? I read a while ago about how at your asilum event the local fundamentalists could just walk in and attempt to evangelise to people, and the thing that I wondered is if the local dealer or pedaphile could do the same thing.
Personally, I don't like age limits or other restrictions on events either, but I wondered what other ways a church could prevent inapropriate situations from forming in at open events, or if that is a concern?

john o'keefe said...


there is always a danger of someone violating the space. but here is where we are at with this -
we have enough adults we know hanging out and watching - but never telling anyone they can not come in. if we believe something is happening where we need to step in, we do so and are bold in our stance. we are willing to confront, but 99% of the time we don't have too - the kids do it themselves.

another thing we do is pray, and leave it in God's hands. it is like trying to figure out who is a weed and who is wheat - we will always make a mistake. so, we are very careful in not overstepping :)

there is no way we could ever make an event 100% safe.