flash backs

let me see, this is how my morning is going so far :)

i finished updating ginkworld
i posted a bunch of new articles
i wrote some book ideas down and emailed them to a publisher
i sent off a proposal to an agent
i did a bunch of church work
i got real bored

and it was the boredom that i found my past. it was out of some freaky desire to remember my roots i check back at the very first post i did on this blog - and here it is:

20020311 - well, following the lead of many others (jordon cooper, karen ward) we have deveoped a blog - we will use it to post random thoughts and off the wall stuff - and to let people know what's happening in this crazy world we call - "ginkworld."

i think i have been pretty honest to that. over time i have shared with everyone great joys and great pains - i have shared ideas in process and ideas that just were too silly to ever think of processing. i think, in general, i have shared my thoughts, my desires, my dreams, my wishes, my prayers and more. it could be said that if you read my blog, you can get to know me - and i actually like that possibility.

i am not perfect, and i know i can be a loud voice at times - but all in all i hope i always keep try to that very fist post - where i will share with you my random thoughts and off the wall stuff - and that we always keep you informed as to what is happening at ginkworld :)

tonight should be better - i have a hot date with a sexy blonde [my wife] for dinner and a movie :)

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