sbc lost touch with reality

the sbc amazes me - no, let me rephrase that.... the sbc confounds me. there, that's better and more to the truth of how i feel.

president carter is trying to unite a faction of the sbc that has been pushed aside for years. he is offering a hand out to those who do not have the "republican sbc views" and fall more in line with other points of view - but, the sbc just can't have that - so they strive to slap carter around and call him names. here is a funny out take of a letter written by some of the "sbc elite:"

"In our great country where freedom of expression is basic bedrock you have suddenly proclaimed that Americans cannot express their opinion on matters in the Middle East for fear of retribution from the ‘Jewish Lobby.’ In condemning the Jews of America you also condemn Christians and others for their support of Israel. Is any interest group to be penalized for participating in the free and open political process in America? Your book and recent comments suggest you seem to think so." [full story]

for a group claiming the "freedom of expression is a basic bedrock" they sure are trying to shut carter up. seems that they see "freedom of expression" to mean, "as long as you are saying what we want to here."

for me, i have never been very good at politics, on the whole i find politics to just be filled with lies and double talk. but carter has always impressed me. i mean, i am not seeing many other presidents out their swinging hammer, lifting board, talking with the average person and using a port-a-john to do his business. yea, carter impresses me, the sbc does not.

well, jimmy if you are looking for a emerging/evolving guy to fill any of those 14 positions left by those who "left" the cater center i would be happy to toss my name in the hat - and i might even read the book :)


Craig said...

This reminds me of a lecture that I was watching on a lecture compentition that has been going on on TVO (one of the few stations that I recieve).
Thier was an athiest who is for a culture of tolerance and freedom but he was presenting Islam as being oppressive and a threat to tolerance and freedom. He was arguing that because of this they shouldn't be tolerated.
Tolerance gets really confusing at some point.

Johnathan said...

I'd say that your blog preaches to the choir, kind of like how the article does.

Just a thought. No offense intended.

john o'keefe said...


that is assuming the choir truly knows the music :)


Carl said...

Coming to this a bit late, but I'm wondering where in that article you see anything about the SBC. Personally, both sides have valid points. Carter is right about relative silence on the Palestinian issue, but he has recently become less "peaceful" in his comments. As a "liberal Baptist," I have been less-than-pleased with what Carter is saying (well, I guess to be honest it's with *how* he's saying it. He needs to think first.)

Though this is obviously reported in the Baptist Press, I'm not sure that this is an "SBC vs. Carter" issue. Might be, but more proof would be needed than is provided.