tired of crap

i am tired of all the crap - ok, you can email me later about the use of the word, but it is how i feel - i am tired of crap - the crap the church hands out and calls "theology" or "community;" the crap the others give out and call "love" or "forgiveness" or "acceptance;" the crap some hand out and call "christian living" - i am tired of all the crap - the garbage we are handed and just expected to "take" and "not say a word" - and if we question another point of view - they jump up and down and get all bent out of shape - man i am tired of crap -

what is community? as a human i am starving for human contact; as a christian i am starving for human contact - we all are, or we all should be; as a follower of christ we should be willing and ready to stand before each other in an honest and open community, with love and grace. we should be open and honest in our quest to know each other. we should get past the crap, and into our lives. we are connected, united, made of the same space dust that make all other humans our dna is the same - with the exceptions of height, weight, hair color [or lack there of] eye color and foot size our dna is the same - we are driven, passion, movement, thought, distance, closeness, wanting, giving, asking, different, wondering, knowing, open, expressive, seeking, thinking, hurting, mad, loving, needing - but most of all we are starving for community, open honset community where we share all the crap of our lives and we come out the other end healed and loving. so, if we, as a human race, are starving for community why is it so hard to get past all the crap?

why is it hard to love the unlovable, touch the untouchable, embrace the embraceable, desire the undesirable, seek the unseekable, want the unwanted? why is it that when every i walk into a church i see far more barbie and ken, and very little sponge bob and patrick. it is amazing how much crap their is and how little we do about it - but then, if we look at the "christian" book line-up we are fed that crap on a regular read - we are fed the "look at me, i am cute and i have a cool church" line of crap from people who would never give a homeless guy a second look, or the time of day without bragging about it to the world around them. our daily diet of christian books is filled with the crap of theology, useless stuff that is designed to make us think we are better, but there is no teeth to what is being offered - there is no bite, heck there is very little bark as well.

recently, i have been emailing a publisher about a book idea - and i will admit i stole the title from a good friend [jim palmer] - now the idea of the book is great, honest and healing. the idea was to share life and share times when i, and others, were left "standing naked" before others - times when our lives fell apart, where we were "over flowing" in crap and how community helped me and others to take a hard look at who we were, who we are and who God wanted us to be - a open and honest look at the hurts of life, and the healing of community. you see, i am tired of the books that say "we stand before God naked" because we do not need to, God sees us naked no matter how we stand, or where we stand. we, as christians, need to learn to stand naked before each other. it's one of the "great myths of the evangelical church" [another one is when we are told "God love you" - heck, God loves everyone, that's not a big deal. it is not "God loves you" that matters, but how much do you love God] designed to keep a distance between people. we need to stand naked before each other, and love each other to health - now they like it, but when they read the title - well, that was another story - you see, the title was "unzipped; learning to stand naked before each other" - they felt it was "not right for a christian author." they suggested i change the title, and make it "more sellable" and less "sexual" - what? well, crap!

looks like another book that will not be sold at the local "lifeway" book store - bummer, hummm........... wonder how i go about publishing an "ebook?"


Makeesha said...

we have dubbed our little community "Naked Church" or Revolution: church undressed.

it might sound a little gimicky but what you have said here is a lot of what was behind that choice of nomenclature.

I like that title - - but then again, I got in trouble at my other church for saying crap *shrug* so clearly we think alike but not like traditionalism as it stands now.

Makeesha said...

oh, and we used the image of a clothes line for our site. betherevolution.wordpress.com

I think something similarly thought provoking but even more so would be great for the cover of your book. Like maybe even the fuzzy image of a person behind a semi opaque dressing screen.

Mike Messerli said...

Thanks for the honest post. I am enjoying your site.


Miracle said...

How about a more liberal publisher or even a non-Christian one? I'm sure there is plenty of "secular" publishers lookin to get a piece of faith titles. Maybe the one who published Tuesdays With Morrie