the tune of a collective ass

i have a confession to make, i did not go to church this week - and i do not feel bad about it either.

i am tired of hearing the crap from the front and seeing nothing getting done. let's be honest, we talk more about doing, and we spend very little time actually doing. i know, i spoke the crap and to be honest very few in the church actually did anything - i think many people who claim to be a follower get lost between the desire to help and the desire to sit on their collective asses and play a tune - and i think the time has come to stop making excuses about it and own up to it - and then make a real decision to make a difference.

i believe, collectively, christians talk a good game, seldom play the game and when they do play the game they desire to change the rules to fit their needs at the time - let me make this point, collectively, the "christian church" claims over 6 billion members - ok, and we still have poverty? we still have homelessness? we still have starvation? we still see only those "true republicans" as "true christians?" we still do not get the idea that we are suppose to make a difference in the world, not become part of the world?

i am confused at churches that spend more on the up-keep of a building, then they do on feeding the hungry in their community. i am lost to explain churches that have more people on staff "doing programs" then they have "doing ministry." i am bewildered by a church that would point people to government programs instead of going that extra mile for those in need. i am hurt by a church that would pay their pastor [and a pastor who would accept the pay] more then the income of the average person in the church. i am tired of churches that scream and lick their own "wounds" while letting the world around them fall apart.

i have a confession to make, i so dislike what i see the church has become - country clubs for the rich, or social clubs for the middle class - when a person makes a selection to join a church because "business will do better" we have lost our place in the world. when collectively we are unable to serve the communities around us, we have lost the right to claim any place in that community. when we "preach the gospel according to the political party" we have lost creditability with those who believe we should be different. when we ignore the words of jesus the christ, we share our faith with the world around us - the problem is, we share an empty faith based on "winning souls" and "keeping up with the church next door."

we can actually make a difference if we just came together as a "kingdom of God" and saw how working together can make a difference - think of the possibilities we could offer the world is we stopped thinking about our buildings, our stained glass, or pew cushions, of brass name plates and if we focused on just one issue - one problem - think of what we could do if we mobilized hundreds of millions of christians - we could stop civil wars, we could bring water to dry lands, we could cure aids, we could actually make a difference - if we just got past of petty differences, focused on the task we could change the world - in one generation we could actually make a bigger impact on the world then all other generations past - we could do this, but for that to happen we need to be a unified collective voice - willing to place ourselves second, and others first - are you ready?


DaNutz said...

The idea of people coming together to collectively change the world has a name... "POLITICS". That has been a dirty word in Christian circles lately. Of course, the religious right doesn't have a problem with getting into politics so why can't Christians that actually read and follow the words of Christ realize the need to "get involved" and realize the way to do that is through politics.

Our nation has a wonderful mechanism for making change. Let's use it and let's not be afraid to talk about the moral value of compassion.

rdnakx250 said...

The protestant church at large for the most part is in a real mess right now. For 2000 years it has been persecution which separated the wheat from the chaff and freed those willing to suffer for Jesus name to do his will. Our churches are soft and it is a result of our environment. I don't blame anybody for it per se. The real crime is when Spirit filled Christians are attacked or ignored for trying to do the right thing by putting Christ first and endevouring to do his will. The establishment fights it everytime because it is indeed threatening. Nobody wants the Lord coming in and making changes once things are going well for the few that think they are in charge.

Craig said...

I've been thinking a lot about the church lately also.
An interesting point,
Churches ask me to take a leap of faith by asking me to tithe to them and that is a form of risk, and yet Churches are becoming incorporated in order to avoid lawsuits... not taking a leap of faith.
If the true church is the church that does need to operate under such legal protection, then maybe we are living in a time of pursecution.
Something to think about anyway.