searching for grace

where do you find grace? where can we, as humans, find grace and unconditional love? where can we find a place that welcomes us for us? where can we be loved for who we are and not what others demand of us? where can we find a place where we are acknowledged as having value? where can we find a place that helps us over come the pains of life? where can we find a place that simply will help take the pressures off our shoulder? where are we welcomed when we are broken? when we are lost? when we are searching? when we are crying out in pain? where do we find grace?

to be honest, i am not sure. i am not sure where we could ever find this place - a place that just takes you as you - a place that allows you to be flawed, and loves you in spite of the flaws. while i expect the "let down" of people, i do not expect the "let down" of people who profess to be "followers" of "the way." you see, at some level i expect "people" to stab me in the back, but i do not expect to fall to "friendly fire." how do we get past that? how do we get to the point where we as followers truly live in grace?

i am flawed, big time flawed - and i have never said i was not - yet in the "flawed nature" i do not think i have ever walked away from a person in need [and if i did i am so very sorry] - i have tried to be a shoulder, a ear, a voice to help and support. i have tried to be a voice to those who profess to be "followers" and call them to a life that strives to make a difference - sometimes my words and advice are not the best - but i am ok with that - all i can say is i strive to care - i strive to show some level of grace - sometimes more and sometimes less. given that, i have to say that over the past few years i have been meeting people who just seem to ignore the love and grace of christ for others, and it causes my heart to hurt - i cry over the way others seem to treat those seeking grace, love and forgiveness - and they do it in the name of "jesus." it is as if a man is crying in the cold and all they will do is "pray for him" and give him a bar of soap; then say, "look, we helped him by doing the best we could." then, when someone says, "no, you should have given him a blanket" they reply with, "all we had was soap, so we did the best we could." but the question echos, is our "best" that we are called to give - or are we called to go beyond our best, and into the world of meeting the needs of others?

you see, in my flawed nature i understand that living in grace, and sharing love and forgiveness with others, pushes me beyond my best; it pushes me to give of myself to the point of giving away part of myself - it means, that if i truly desire to share with others i must give a piece of myself in the process - and never ask for it back. i must be willing to give of myself, to the end of my life, to help others. this is not the "prevailing wisdom" which teaches "we give of what we have left" - we would never think of giving of ourselves to the point of our lives.

but if we are unwilling to truly go beyond our best we never truly seek to give grace, forgiveness and love to others - oh, sure we will talk a good game, but we will never truly do anything to help.

so, where can one find grace? in you? in me? in the community of faith we gather in? where does one find grace?


friend said...

"Grace is a gift of God," whether it comes from God or other men - I expect messy, screwed up communities - I am always waiting for pain to come - that is what we are called to as Christians - whoever told us Christian community was meant to be a place of safety and perfect grace - let us astray. Church is a place for broken people, hurting people who will lash back - the perfect church is full of imperfect people at all walks and stages of spiritual growth. When you rightly walk into church recognizing your back has a target on it - with a commitment to look at those who take aim at you - and say "I still love you and I will always love you," you are at the right place. Likewise, if you are a shepherd - you always have your gun ready to go wolf-hunting. Listening to God is the key - is God asking you to take on his wounds as you love the hurtful - or is God asking you to protect others from genuine wolves.

Thanks for letting people share freely on your site.

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rdnakx250 said...

Church has been and always will be a battlefield of sorts. The local leadership has a large influence on the quality of the content or lack thereof. We are sliding into an apostasy here in America... and it is marinated in a brine of greed, selfishness and self importance. The irony of it all is, all of heaven sees how blessed we are with so many resources and yet we squander more than all the ages put together!

spamthewunderdog said...

As a recovering porn addict...I can tell you unequivocally that you cannot find Grace in the Church.

I love this quote from the book "UnChristian":

"I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but it seems that Grace, which is Christianity's core issue, is struggling to survive"

friend said...

I do think grace was struggling to survive when the church was just a baby church - thus Paul talking about it to much. We are not worse, nor any better than the early church - we are all in a spiritual battle between the flesh and the spirit. But the kingdom of God is advancing in imperfect people and imperfect churches and that to me is encouraging.


factsandinterestingquestions said...

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