i believe it is time for all people who have AIG policies to find another insurance company. If the fed will not shut them down, we the people should. i will be posting more later on the greed and dislike this company has for the usamerican people - the idea of giving $165 million in bonus' to execs that pushed the company into the toilet is just beyond my undersatnding.

if the fed won't, we should - i for one will not do business with them or any company that comes from the ashes.



Johnny Brooks said...

While I certainly agree that paying execs bonuses out of bail out money is wrong, and should be stopped, the federal government has no business shutting any business down.

We need a government that interferes less, has less power, and creates less messes.

john o'keefe said...


what you will find is that this "mess" was created with less government and deregulation. it was uncontrolled greed and a realization that the fed could not touch them - if the government has no right shutting down a business, does it have a responsibility to bail it out? if we want less government, let's take back the funds and let the market do what it is to do.