the rain, the bike and mud :)

living in northen cal i picked up a new hobby - mountian biking - and i love it. nothing could be more fun then peddling down a muddy hill only to eat dirt at the end - and nothing could be more fun then doing it with friends :) there is something very cool about feeling the mud splash up your back as you are enjoying God's creation -

the other day i was hitting some trails where i live in folsom - and i saw a wonderful four/five point buck - i tried to grab my camera in time - but it crested the hill before i could get a good shot at it - it was a wonderful site - now, for some this is no big deal - but remember, i lived in las vegas for most my life - not many bucks (not the green kind) in vegas. it was the coolest ever - i love it - and the hard part for me is - i can't stop riding my bike now - i even ride it to the church office :)


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