sometimes i find it hard to blog on certian things. for example - over the past i have been honest and open with my feelings and life experiences - and all that is cool in my book. while people who have left their voice on this blog have been kind and loving i have recieved email from others who have not been so kind and loving.

one person told me that it was not right for a minister to share his "private life" with the whole world - they were upset with me to talking about lost loves and the break-up of my marriage - they felt that it should not be talked about and left for me to deal with alone - humm, so i wonder? could that be one of the reasons i have stopped blogging? could it be that i allowed the few to control the desires of the many? could it be that i have allowed the minds of those who desire for nothing to be talked about in pubilc to control the desires of a community (internet or not) of supportive people?

which leads one to ask, and wonder, to what extent do we share on a blog? for some that might be just a short look into the self - or others, like me, it could mean you get to see the soft belly of the beast. i think i blog from my heart and i strive to be open and honest - i think i have been shying away because i felt as if people were set back by my honesty - but now i know it is because i allowed those who desire to keep all things "clean" to control my blogging - not any more.

if i share something from my life that upsets you - or causes you to think i am "too open" - "tuff shit" is all i can say - i will share as my heart leads, and if that offends - please do not read any more - and please stop emailing me with your desires that i stop - you lost the war - you might have won a battle - but the war was lost, and i blog from the heart :)


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