Reagan Dead

i was driving when it came across the radio, "former president ronald reagan dies at 93." now, before i get to deep into this (which will not be deep at all) i have to say i was not a reagan fan - i did not vote for him, and i was not overly pleases with many of his policies - now that that has been said, i am certian many in the "christian church" will denounce me as a heretic for leaving the camp of "saint ronny."

while i am not going to blast him, or defend him, all i am going to say is that a former leader is dead, and even though he was not my fav he did some very cool things - so for that, it's a shame we will not get to know more from him first hand. history will remember him for good or bad - but only one thing is for certian, they will not remember him for the human he was - flawed, open, honest, giving - people will hide his humanity and place him high - we need to keep him, and all leaders, closer to the ground. because it is in seeing humanity of our leaders we see the humanity of ourselves.


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