In my dreams: We all dream. What we dream of may say something about who we are inside – well, here are some things I dream about – care to share?

I fly – I am more then just “superman” – I fly to other parts of the world and see all that is happening. I fly well above the world and I dive, spin and move as freely as I desire in and out of space.

I help – I use my powers to help the “underdog” and stand-up for the abused and used. Because I have super human powers I help those who are in need of my help – or who the authorities cannot help. I override the system, to be there for those in need.

I stop time – I can stop time and I move in and out of situations with this ability. I need no machine to do it, it is all in my mind and I have total control over the ability.

I am from another world – I am a “police” officer from another world here to help the police catch a killer from my world – and I look like I am from another world; I do not look human.

What does this say about me? Weird? Whacked? Off-tilt? Does it say I am crazy or obsessed with helping people? Does it say that I am trying to escape reality and live in a world I can control? What does it say about you, who strive to make a determination of me from just a few lines?

What do you dream of, and are you willing to share?


Andrew said...

I often have flying dreams. I often forget my dreams the moment I wake up.

Shok said...

flying dreams are the best ... i love putting my arms out and flying in my dreams ... it's been awhile but maybe just thinking about it will make me dream of flying again tonight ...

kevin on planet earth said...

I'm having just bad dreams right now..........
Please pray for me