what is grace? i mean, i hear churches all the time speak of grace, yet when i see their actions i think, "my god, is that grace? and if it is, i don't want anything to do with it."

when i look up grace in the dictionary i find that it means "favor, good will, kindness, a special dispensation or privilege, mercy or pardon." yet in many churches today it means "judging, pointing fingers, and holding people down." too many churches see grace as something only God gives out, and not something we should give out - but they are so wrong - we live in a world where grace is needed - a world where grace is needed to show that we truly are different from the rest of the world -

the old argument that "we live in a fallen world" and we should not expect the church to be much different from the rest of the world is just so not scriptural - in fact, i find it to be a church cop-out. we are called to be above the world, to love others, to show grace and mercy - and yet as we get closer to 9-11 i find many christians and churches speaking of the war as if it was a holy war and that God was on our side - i wonder where is the grace.

as i speak to pastors all over the usa i hear the cry for "justice" but no cries fro grace - i do not seek justice, i seek grace - because if i am to be judged with justice, i fail and i fall - but i thank God for the grace of christ that lifted me to a new place - a place where i am to love (and it is hard) a place where i am to give (even if i think they are going to buy drugs) and i am to express grace to all - if we call ourselves christians (little christs) let us be that - so that others can see that we truly are different from the world and they can come to christ for love, healing, peace and grace - and that we give the same.

remember that when people are asked "what do you think of jesus" they automatically start speaking about his followers, and not him.


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