funny, people try hard to "capture" the 18-24 vote, yet they have no idea how to do it - what i have found is that most people who vote the first time become so upset with the fact that the person lied that they never vote again; or it takes a long time to gain some kind of trust to vote again. i love it when modern people try to figure out why the postmodern/emerging person is so skeptical - could be because they made us this way :)

this time around is no different. i am not going to give you the "your vote counts" line because i believe it does, but that is my voice in this mess :) and i am not going to tell you that any of the people running are telling the truth, because i am a realist with life experience and i can assure you that in my past experiences they are not. so, what do we do? can we "vote for the lesser of two evils?" knowing that either way, you get what you vote for.

i know for me, when i do not like the candidates i wrote in a person i liked, but i am not sure all states allow you to write in a cadidate. the dems and the reps will tell you a vote for a third party is a waiste of a vote, but let me tell you this - not voting is a waiste of a vote, voting for who you believe is the right person for the position is never a waiste of a vote - and any dem or rep that says it is is not being truthful and simply wants you to vote their way - don't fall for that line of crap. vote, and vote your mind - not the mind of others.

over the past few weeks we have seen the voice of the news people and where they stand - giving half the story (cbs) and even out right lying (cbs) - and then expecting people to look past the lies and some how find the lost truth.

i will never tell you who to vote for, and i will never tell you who i voted for - and i will never get mad with the outcome of an election - but i will tell you to vote. but vote for the person you feel in your heart is the right person, not what ads tell you, tv news people tell you (except for the guys from the "daily show") - vote as you desire, for who you desire -


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