Quantum Servanthood: knowing how to lead in chaos - Visual

I have to admit, I am a total visual person, I think in picture. Image, imagination, visual, pictures are the language I speak best. For me, thinking in picture seems more natural, freer and less reactivate; I am able to connect with the world around me in image and imagination. I love sitting in the park, or mall, and watching the people; heck, I love sitting in any crowded setting and watching people. When I watch people I see so many different stories, so many different truths, and so many different realities. I love watching people, getting a “visual” of whom they may be, and when we meet to see if my “picture” meets the reality. I have often wondered why I think so clearly in picture, and in dimensions; I see things others miss, and even when I view a 2D picture, I can see it in 3D (neck, sometimes I think I am seeing things in 6D). It was hard figuring out that mess because I am dyslexic. For me, seeing something is far more important the hearing something... [more]

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