target off my christmas list

i am never sure who reads this stuff, though i do get a great many people telling me they do when i am "out and about." i hope, if only for this one time, i get a ton of people visiting, and reading - the reason? corporate greed, and consumer blindness -

target has disallowed the salvation army from collecting money in the front of their stores this christmas; and every christmas after this. one women saud that she was pleased that target took such action because, as she put it, "i don't want to be reminded, if i want to give i will give when i do not feel i have to" - well, sorry if a homless person ringing a bell causes you a bit of shopping worries - as you drive your suv, to your home and tuck your kids in to sleep - think of where they are sleeping!

target says that they are disallowing the army because others are organizations are asking to raise money in the same way. it seems to me that the supermarket centers are the new public squares of our days. it is the place where people gather, to shop, talk, eat, visit and "hang-out." allowing target to stop the army from asking for us to help the poor and needy is wrong - i have an idea, let's shop at local stores this year and not at the big chains - sure, it might cost us a bit more, but we keep the dollars local and who knows, there might even be a person standing in the front of the store asking for change so that the army can reachout and help s person in need.

let target know how you feel by clicking and filling in their complaint form - we need voices to make a difference - if you agree, let them know - if you think it's wrong, let them know - either way, voice your voice



Anonymous said...

There is talk about reality.There is the HOLY GRAIL OF W E B.I look and think and talk to God about all the people.They are being caught in the web of virtual reality.People began to experience virtually real life through the Soaps.They cried and laughed and knew anguish and hate and "love" and compassion,all while watching and then thinking about the soap- characters and their "screen"lives.Their emotions were stirred and so it must have been for real;right?..Biologically their brains ,according to research did register the watched events as real.So less and less need for the "watrchers"to k n o w life for real.The increasing consumption of Vertual Reality spent by increasing millions and millions around the world is astronomical(those hours spent are hours of human lives,designed to engage with the lives of their neighbors and families,to engage mentally and physically in a real world filled with real people and real problems , pain joy,suffering ,weakness/strength and real evidence of Gods creation.Just because God in His great mercy will use movies and things on the internet does not mean this Virtual Reality humans find soooo alluring is necessarily blessed by Him ;nor does it mean we should mindlessly embrace it and promote it.That these technologies are finding such addictive support from the world system should be all the more reason for us to keep our guards up and maybe think twice:is it safer to evangelize on the W E B or could I possibly"loose "my life more easily sharing Gods truth face to face with my neighbors.

I posted Anonymus because I did not want to spend the time to register.Bob Wolf 360-2218422

john o'keefe said...

well, ok bob - but what does all the mean?

interesting, you question the internet and use the internet to do it: you call it wrong, yet you have a connection - i an confused -