is "buzz bunny" a good name?

i like the new bugs bunny - i know, for you purists i am a heathen - but hey, i think he's cool. in fact, i like him so much i wrote an article using the "old bugs" with the "new buz" to show the difference between the "old church" and the "new church." this caused me to do a picture search on "buzz bunny," and let me say i was surprised. after the search, i am not sure they want to use the name "buzz bunny" - it just does not fit and here is why i think they need to rethink the namecheck here (think, "sex in the city")

now, the funny thing is, i called the "wb" and wanted to share with them what i found (that naming him "buzz bunny" might not be as smart as they think) - but it felt like i was pulling teeth and that i was the bad guy. as i called, the first person i spoke with was a operator who had "no time to listen to my story" and she transferred me to someone else, who did not have the time, who sent me to another who did not have the time, who finally sent me to a paul mcguire in pr - when i finally got to talk with paul, he told me he had "30 seconds to speak" "with me" - so i tried to explain, but got the "bum's rush." i recalled (i know, i seem to like the abuse) and i spoke with one of the "presidents" offices (a nice guy named jacob - sings well too in "dave"(can't spell his last name) office) who got me "reconnected" to paul - who again "talked" at me and not too me (as i talked with him he was doing other work and not listening to my voice) - he again, gave me the "bum's rush."

my desire was to same them a fight with the religious right and you would think a company that cares about kids would like the "heads up" and no judgment - well, it just goes to show the heart of corporate america.

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