i am amazed at how simple it is to lose trust in a person, or institution. i mean, given all the things that could happen it's the little things that blow trust to crap. it's the "little white lies" that can be excused as "oh, you did not hear me right" or "you must have misunderstood what i meant" or "well, i think you just need to trust me and it will all work out." it never fails to impress me how good many pastors are at this gift, you know - the "gift of while lies." (while i am not sure what chapter and verse it comes from, i am sure it is in scripture - i mean if not, why would so many christians and pastors use the gift?)

now, being a pastor i must admit that i have this gift, and yes i have used it before - but a few years back after i realized i had this power and i declared i would only use my power for good, and not for evil. so, while i will admit to having the gift, and i have used the gift - i have promised myself that i will no longer use that gift - because i have found honesty is the best way to deal with all issues facing us.

i have been thinking a lot lately of churches that hurt people - and christians that support that hurt. i was actually surprised when i got an email from a person supporting the view that "when a church hurts a person it causes them to be stronger in their faith" - that freeked me out. you see, in scripture when jesus, or paul or peter or other, speaks of "being hurt" and "it making you stronger" it is never hurt from the church - but hurt from outside the church - all the hurt that comes up people from the church is not from God, jesus or his people.

if people in the church are hurting people in the church, by not telling the truth, by not caring for them or by just being a jerk - then none of that is from God - there is no tough love in God's world (humans like tough love because it gives them power). when we deal with truth, love and grace we see the connections of life - when we give into the gift of the white lie we then open our heart to abuse others. we are called to love and lift up people - no person who is a follower of christ would ever seek to harm another - nor would they back that harm up with a "little white lie."

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Rick said...

while i don't hold to the "hurt people grow in faith" notion - maybe it wakes them up to what was wrong about their faith and gives them impetus to grow forward from there. at least, that's how i'm living it out.

as for "no tough love from God" - would you say that to job, to jonah?