head leaves korn

i love korn - and i love the music, and now "head" (brian welch) has left korn - why? you ask. because he has accepted christ and desires to walk a christian life - and be a positive role modle for his daughter - which is very cool.

here is his site: link


Anonymous said...

Korn rocks! They are one of my favorite bands...it makes me kind of mad to know that Head left the band...but it's at least for a good reason. I mean for his daughter. And I am athiest but it's good that he's trying hard to reach a higher point in his beliefs. This is to Head - I hope you come back to Korn eventually because you guys make some really awsome music together. I hope they remain a band and still make music without you cuz I would hate to see Korn go. I hope you do succesful in your solo career too! I'll definitly check it out!

john o'keefe said...

i am with you bor (or sis) - i love korn too - and it would be sweet for him keep active with the band - and i hope the band wants that too - i think what he has to share, his love for his daughter, transends faith - it's seeking God in our lives, not religion in our heads