well, it is getting close - and i am getting in gear. we are looking forward to hooking into soularize this year - it will be nice to see some old frineds, and meet new ones - we are planing to make a "week" of it and have a good time in the area. i will strive to keep up blogging over the event, and fill you in on what's happening - but here are some cool things.

i will be facilating a lab on "Church’s Focus: Community vs. Corporation" in the living room on 3/10 - and it should be fun. my desire is to make it "not another lecture" but rather an interactive reality based on real issues. i would love to explore a ton of things, but i would like the group to develop the way the conversations move forward.

if you are unable to attend, you can now register for the webcast of the labs. it costs $9.95 to get hooked up to the tech stuff. with this, you will aslo be able to see and hear the speakers live.

i hope to see you there - and if you are there, introduce yourself to me and let's get a cup of coffee - or a beer :)

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