a new one

i am not a big fan of "the white guy jesus." it is my own personal walk and questioning of a jew in the first centry with blond hair, blue eyes and great roman features. it might be your look, and you might like it - but i am not excited by the look. so, given that i am not a fan of here you go, i just created this new twist on sallman's view of jesus - hope you like it. i got inspired to "redo" the jesus we did already based on the pbs show "the face" - personaly, i like this look - but then again i did the graphic design. and if you like, right click to lift the picture - just let people know where you got it - more to come. i might even add a "jesus picture page" to ginkworld for those interested - oh, yea - please comment on if you like it or not.

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