god of the right-brain

i am very much a right-brain person. the idea of a "left-brain" world tosses me off reality. recently on the postmodern theology group the idea came out about "God of the right-brain" and it got me thinking, "that is why i do not get 99% of what evangelicals are saying, i think with a different part of my brain." most churches and theologies tend to have a "left-brain" view of God and theology, and my "right-brain" view of God and theology just does not seem to fit. let me see if i can explain what i mean.
picture this (for all us right-brain people this is easy), start to talk about God is terms like "creativity" and "sensitive" and "emotional" and "random" and people in the church will freak out. most with a modern mind, like to see God as a logical expression of the left-brain, most churches are very comfortable with a "God of the left-brain" but they do not know how to deal with a "God of the right-brain." the God of the right-brain is the one that pushes us past the idea that we need "human securities" and places us in the middle of the messy, dirty, hurtful lives of others where...link

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Michael Gallaugher said...

I've never considered this. Interesting stuff Jeff. It is a pretty broad swipe however, but to your point my own Pastor is very left brained, he never gets to excited about anything he's calm logical analytical. I am very right brained, very spatial, creative, sensitive etc. The funny thing is I don't take issue with my Pastor unless his theology is unbiblical, irrespctive of how he arrives at truth and whether he connects his message to others using left or right brain arguments. Maybe we right brainers should try more to wake up our other half? Just a thought. Good post.