whose on first?

ever wonder who is watching all this stuff? before i go on, let me say i love andrew and all he is doing in the emerging conversation - and that goes without saying, even though i said it :) here is something funny i found out:

some guy named "d. a. carson" (and to be honest, i never heard of this guy before all this) is attacking the emerging in some new book he is writing (funy thing is that while he is attacking, he has never even been to an emerging church or to an emerging gathering), so andrew is defending the emerging, while another group attacking carson, is attacking carson for almost the same stuff that he is attacking the emergent for - so silly st some level.

i have been giving this some thought, and i wonder where it all ends? it seems that we have to keep defending our point of view, or thought patterns and our heart on a regular basis - everytime we turn around, some wise guy from the old guard have to take a stab at us and draw blood - and they never once realize that others are doing the same to them. to us, their attack do hurt, because they are our parents, and grandparents. it seems that when we stand on our own, they strive to knock us down, and kick sand in our face -

in all this, i have to give anderw big props for his way of handling this - because if it was me, i would have been a lot stronger, a lot harder and more "in their face."


andrew jones said...

thanks john for your nice comment

not calling me a wimp, are ya???

it is all kinda silly

john o'keefe said...

you are no whimp bro :) you rock :) and i am glad to hear your words :)

John said...

so here is my take on people attacking others. no body gets why i live the way i do and it does hurt when people say you should do this or that or not. but i have come to feel that if you arent pissing someone off your not doing the right thing.

Don A. Elbourne Jr. said...


I have the highest respect for D. A. Carson, but don't hold that against him. :) He's a Bible Scholar of the highest magnitude and I hear he's a very humble and honorable guy, but I do not know if he quite gets the breadth of the emergent thing. Since he comes from the world of academics he interacts on that level. He probably read every book published on the subject, but as you know that's not really where the real action is. I heard his two infamous emergent talks and got a chuckle when he referred to "blurbers." I assume he meant bloggers. :)

Scot McKnight said that Carson’s book could have been called “becoming conversant with the emergent epistemology of Brian McLaren,” because he really does not take into account many of the other currents within the emergent conversation. So while Carson may not be conversant with the whole emerging church (who is) he does offer some things in regard to McLaren's brand of thinking. McKnight is sympathetic with the emergent conversation and knows D. A. Carson on a personal level so he may be uniquely qualified to help put the pieces together. He has an advanced copy of "Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church" and is addressing some of the issues on his Jesus Creed blog.

andrew jones said...

Carson may have been onto something

marshall mcluhan once said that in the future, all commication will be reduced to teh "Blurb"

Our blog entries, being discrete chunks of information, are the blurbs that Carson says they are

john o'keefe said...

andrew, hey bro - good to hear your voice :)

but then we need to ask ourselves, is that a "bad thing?"

is is bad to post on a blog and see it as a "blurb?" i don't think so - i think carson would like us to be "more like him and less like us" - but heck, he is not even a voice inside my head (sorry, too much ipod :) )