current happenings

as many know, i am the new "lead pastor" at a community of faith called "connection" - and we are located in hickory,nc - and we are loving it all. but i wanted to share with you an update on how everything is progressing -

we are leasing a building in the downtown area, and we are in the process of gutting it and turning it into a "third place" - coffee shop, hangout, art center for the community we are serving - and all is going great - sure, we could use some extra money [and if you like, you can make a check out to "connection" and mail it to po box 1046, hickory, nc 28605 - we sure could use the money] - but God is leading us to do this, and i have never felt more "connected" with a group as i do with this gathering - i know God placed us here to minister, grow and share - and all that is happening on great levels.

as we progress in this exciting and spirit lead "third place" - keep us in your prayers. the process is long, hard and blessed and we know we are doing what God is asking of us -

ps - just in case it came across as a joke, we sure could use a little extra :) keep us in your prayers :)


John said...

sounds great john i really like the third place idea,

monts said...

yes, i too really like the "third place" idea. i'm moving out to boston next year to be a part of a church plant that is talking a great deal about the concept of a "third place". I would love to hear your thoughts, successes and failures that you experience with this idea over the course of the next year!