the "phone poll"

i received a call last night from a young lady who introduced herself as doing a "AP Poll" - so,she asked to speak with a male in the house over 18 who just had a birthday - and that would be me. granted, living with all women, it's a given in my book, no matter when my birthday falls.

she started to ask questions on the way things were going in our country, and i found myself not able to answer them - not because i do not know what is happening, but because the questions seemed to have openly two answers - meaning that the results could be saying one thing, while people claim another - let me give an example. the question was, "should the u.s. senate approve brown as a supreme court judge?"

this question could be taken two ways, procedure, or political. let's say i was not a brown fan [even though it is not may place to vote on him] - so, i could answer yes, because if "procedure" we need to remeber that is their job, and "no" because i do not want them to do that - which do you answer? when one asks for the question in a "clearer form" all they do is repeat it. now, one could say, "it obvious, it's political," but is it? even if that is the intent of the question, is it that obvious? if, the ap were conducting the poll [and they never tell you who they are conducting the poll for] for the political department at a university, is it that obvious?

one thing we need to do in the church, and this gave me the seed; we need to make our questions clear. the answers can still be "both" - but the intent of the question is what drives the answer.

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