it's not politics

while i can not call sean penn a friend, nor will i say i agree with everything he has done in the past, i will say that i am greatly impressed with his actions as of late. what am i talking about? let me explain -

over the blogsphere there seems to be a "anti-penn" reality growing. and in the more conservative parts of this community there is a fever of "anti-penn" going around. as i read some of those blogs, i am amazed at the hearts of some who claim to be christian. they are willing to laugh and poke fun at penn for doing something i do not see them doing. radio people, conservative bloggers, tv persons and the like can all ride sean penn for "having a hole in his boat" [not true by the way] but they can not say he was unwilling to get dirty and help people - so, as he bloggers sit at computers at home, radio and tv people sit in offices, sean was actually doing something - and what were we doing?

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