stupid is as stupid does

i came across this while i was playing around today, you know, as i was "mindless surfing." it struck me as funny, so let me share with you the story.
i had a long day, and it was filled with things most people don't deal with - well, let me change that - it was filled with the thing we call life. i had just "finished" redesigning the church web [247connection.net] and up-loaded it to get people to look it over so we can "tune it." when i felt the need to do what i call "mindless surfing" - it is where you google a bunch of things and see what comes up - you just type in words, not meaning or reason, and what comes up you visit - it's fun, and as you can tell i was very bored. in this case the search was "poverty, monkey, freak, sally" - and i am not sure of the site address or i would share that with you - but like i said, it is a mindless game - i am not even sure if it was a link off a link [lol].

well, in that search i came upon this pic - and it's a very interesting pic. it shows a "capitalist" with a gun to the head of a "regualr" person. in that is is speaking in terms of being "anti-capitalism" - which is cool and all, but do you see the problem? in their desire to "be against the capitalists" it broke a very important rule - they "trade marked" the symbol :) sometimes stupid is stupid, no matter what.

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kyle said...

i think the TM was supposed to be part of the statement.