right now

i have never been big on dieing - well, let me rethink that for a second, because i am not sure i know of many people who are big on dieing. what i mean to say is, i am not big on the "perceived traditional christian view" of what happens when one dies. i am not that concerned about heaven and hell, and i think too many of us think about it too much. i think we use hell as the "forever punishment" and heaven as the "forever reward" and when we do, we ignore the Kingdom of God. for some twisted reason we think about it so much it has become a "selling point" of our faith - but the idea of a future benefit does not impress me much. why? well, for me the answer is simple; i care about the here and how, not the over there and later. jesus said that he came to bring us the "Kingdom of God" and i believe that with all my heart - and if you look outside the window of where you are at right now, you too can see the Kingdom of God.

for me, i live in the Kingdom of God and i do not need a "when i'm dead" thing to get me excited about all the possibilities - you see i may be stupid [some think me that way] for this, but i actually think we can change the world; i honestly think we can do all that jesus did, and more, because he told us we could. i honestly believe we can feed all the people; i honestly think we can give health care to all; i honestly think we can move our faith to helping people here and now, those who seek to live in the kingdom of God - i believe it, jesus said it and i honestly believe it. i think we can change the world we live in. how? simple, live the faith as we are living in the kingdom of God now.

i have found that one of the biggest problems with out faith is not that people are unwilling to believe in who God is, but that we talk a great game but we just refuse to play the game. you see, sundays we will talk about how we are to love everyone - but we never do, and we always find reasons to "cop-out" of our faith. we see things need to be change, but we were sold a bunch of garbage that said we could not change the world around us - they misquote scripture to make us believe that "even jesus know that there would always be poor people around us, so why even try to solve the problem?" they use scripture to stop us from doing what we are told to do, and like some kind of weird follower, we buy their garbage. we can change the world, we just need to believe we can.

you see, telling people that "there is a better time in the after life" is simply a cop-out to having to address the problems facing us today; and i find that selfish and very not what jesus taught. you see, the idea is that the Kingdom of God is at hand, it is here, it is now - and when we realize that we can change the world - we can move mountains, we can heal the sick, we can cure the blind and help feed the world - we can, we truly can - do you believe we can do this? do you believe we can truly change the world we live in? if so, welcome to my world and my heart - this idea frightens people. because in this idea is the center of what we are to do as followers of jesus - live, breath, forgive and love in the Kingdom of God.

if you believe we cannot change the world we live in, please aside and stay out of our way as we strive to change the world.

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