who am i?

recently i was asked this question, "you talk about who God is leading you to be, who is that?" and here was my response, and more:

RE: that is the billion dollar question. who is me? who am i?

i am a simple servant, teacher, learner and guide - i am preist, poet, painter and bottle washer - i am seeker, finder, thinker, doubter, questioner and answer - i am wonder, dreamer, singer, writer and lover - i am what i see in the mirror,and what others see in my eyes - i am the noise that fills the room, and the quite that guides my heart - i am the one who is seen, and the one who is ignored - i am the one who helps, and the one who holds back - i am me, i am i, i am all that i was before, and all that i could ever becomes - i am my father, my mother, my brothers, my sisters, my daughters, my wife - i am generations past, and generations no yet - i am the sum of all that was, and the difference of all that could be - i am me, simple, sure, worried, knowing, different, growing, healed and hurting - i am all this and a million times more. that is who God created and who God is guiding, whispering in my ear, and sometimes shouting in my soul.

i desire to serve others through christ, teach others about christ and guide others in the ways of christ. i seek to walk the path, and on occation, sit on the side of the road and hand out water to those running by - and in all that, i desire to learn myself, to seek deeper into the person God is making [and never fully made]. to be, not all i can be, but all God desires me to be. to be less me and more Him, to be less others and more me. to grow, to learn, to experience what is being offered without demanding it meet a certian set of rules. to express more grace and far less law. to forgive far more then i remember and to express that forgiveness in selfless act of kindness. to wonder this world and be more of the wonder and less of the director. i truly desire to be no more then that. that is who i am, now the methods i use may differ, and the words i use may differ, and some of the things i say may differ - but if i center on christ, and what i believe christ taught, i am good with being different.

but the question now becomes, "who are you?"

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