answering questions:

what i love most about my life [besides the wife and kiddies] and my faith is the desire and ability to be "in process." i love the idea that i keep asking myself questions, and as soon as i think i have an answer, i rethink the whole mess and come up with more questions - for me, this is a natural state of reality; my mind works best in the state of chaos. i simply am the kind of person who sees more questions in life then absolute answers. in that, i have been thinking about how one answers a question. you see, i do not think most people think about this stuff, but being the kind of guy i am, i think it all the time. how does one answer a question?

now, it seems silly to ask a question like that, and than answer it. i mean think about it for a second [1, times up], i just asked "how do you answer a question?" which would seem to implies that i have no idea the answer, but then i keep writing because for some weird reason i desire to give an answer - but can i give an answer to such a question? if i give an answer, is it a valid answer? if i am asking questions about giving the answer, do i have an answer? should i even be asking the question? but mostly, why do they not have a "plaid power ranger?" man, this makes my head hurt :)

i guess, where i am in all this is that no matter how i answer a question, someone - somewhere will, for what ever reason they have, find fault with the answer - or, what they may see as the lack of an answer. i am not sure how one answers a question, but what i am sure of is that, for some, if the answer is not to their liking you can never truly "answer" the question. sometimes, the question holds more answers than the answer. after all, a "plaid power ranger," pleeeeeeease :)

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