hercules gives the smack down.

did you all read this story - walmart was put in it's place by a small, local community that said no the retail giant. the city officials used the power of eminent domain to stop walmart from building in their city - and i say "go for it."

walmart lawyers have been shouting "unfair" and "they have no right to do this to us" - yet, where were these lawyers when walmart paid city officials to eminent domain property in alabarster, al or west colfax, co and then sell the property to walmart? it seems they like the new eminent domain laws created by the supreme court when it works in their favor - think about it, they truly do want it all :)

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Craig said...

Ya, the city of Guelph Ontario is very close to where I live and they went through the same sort of thing and have managed to keep Wal-Mart out!
Guelph, Canada. Citizens Continue Ten Year Battle Against Wal-Mart